Currently, we will offer 8-week series classes for the serious students. You will learn a lot during the course of eight weeks and be able to use what you learn at the local clubs. If you have already taken the beginner 8-week series, try
the beg/intermediate or intermediate advance series. You will be challenged.

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The following are sample classes that we offer:

  • Beginner Salsa
  • Beginner/Intermediate Salsa
  • Intermediate/Advance Salsa
  • Ladies Styling
  • Bachata
  • Tango
  • Kizomba
  • Kids

Private Group Lessons

Private group lessons are available for your group from 6 to 100. Private group lessons can be used as team-building exercises, corporate events or special occasions and can last anywhere from a 1-hour class to a weekly series. Contact us if you are interested in a private group lessons for your family or group.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are for individuals or couples who want to significantly improve their salsa skills and are not challenged by group lessons. If you prefer having individual instruction or if you would like to learn exclusively with your partner one-on-one, private lessons are available. Take private lessons occasionally to fine-tune your skills. You will learn tips on technique and styling that may not be covered in a group class.